Come and Meet Us!

Thank you for visiting! I am Claire Mardesich and Distinctively Devyn was created by combining my great love for animals and nature and my love of art and from me trying to make this world a bit of a nicer place. I am a professionally-trained artist and all of my work is 100% original. My designs truly come from the heart and are created from the inspiration provided by my lovely animals who are my family! I have nineteen lovely and amazing Siberian Husky sled dogs, two beautiful horses, two cats, six chickens, and a goat who may be a little overweight. The reason I focus on animal paintings and illustrations is because I see them in real life daily, which enables me to better understand their structure, anatomy, and form. Also, living in beautiful Bend, Oregon provides the most amazing backdrop for my creativity.

A little more about me - you may be wondering who Devyn is - she was an absolutely wonderful Siberian Husky from racing lines who I just lost very unexpectedly at the end of 2022 due to cancer. She was such a special girl, and I'm glad I previously named my business after her. I am and will forever be heartbroken to have lost her as well as all of the other amazing dogs, cats, a horse, a goat, and chickens that I have lost over the years. No matter how difficult it is to move forward after losing a beloved family member, I truly feel having my beautiful animals in my life makes it worth all of the heartbreak. You may be able to tell that all of my dogs are related to each other and I am so blessed to have them! Their lineage is from a Siberian kennel in Alberta, Canada who ran Iditarod 10 times and also a racing kennel in New Hampshire. The dogs I got from NH were bred from dogs from the kennel in Canada. All of my dogs are house dogs at night and yes, it is a house-full but I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. My dogs have also been in some commercials, and my favorite is the Chevrolet Commercial with Walter the Cat!

Your support is very much appreciated - please contact me if you have any questions at all. I look forward to hearing from you!